Hommage a John Baldessari


Vid en workshop på Bildmuseet med fotografen Elina Brotheus fick jag till uppgift att välja ur Baldessari assignments av John Baldessari. Det fick bli uppgift 31. Steal the trash from President Corrigan´s, your professor´s or your boss´s wastebasket and make a collage out of it. Jag tog hissen upp till plan 4 och gick in ett av kontorsrummen och tömde papperskorgen…


John Baldessari
I will not make any more boring art


Baldessari continued to put an ironic twist on his text based works, as indicated in his 'I will not make any more boring art' of 1971. Comissioned by the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Canada to produce an original, site-specific work, he was ultimately unable to execute the piece in person. He suggested that the college students write, by their own will, the phrase "I will not make any more boring art" on the walls of the exhibition space.  As a response, Baldessari recorded himself writing the phrase repeatedly in a notebook for the duration of a videotape.


Hommage till John Baldessari




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